Good Health In Every Recipe

'Good health in every recipe' is the key to good nutrition and total wellbeing. The saying, 'you are what you eat' has never been truer than in today's environment of fast food and fast dieting which has resulted in the even faster onset of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes among Malaysians.

The Adventist Bakery is committed to good taste as well as good nutrition, especially since the bakery first originated out of a need to provide quality food for the patients of Penang Adventist Hospital where the Adventist Bakery is located.

The Nutritional Value of Sprouts

A great deal of nutrients are available when grains, seeds or legumes begin to sprout. They must have enough energy and nutrients. This means when sprouting occurs, the plant is at its nutritional peak. Imagine that amount of energised nutrients in a loaf of bread!

Weight for weight, the abundance of nutrients in a sprout surpasses that of meat and dairy. So, it is the best way of getting the amount of nutrients needed, minus the cholesterol.

As sprouting only requires water and light, it does not need any foreign chemicals to induce sprouting. Pesticides and herbicides are not needed as the sprouts are cultivated within just days.

For more information on Sprouts - Nutritional-Treasures Brochure

Why Breakfast?

From an early age, our elders would usually prepare a hearty breakfast for us before we start our day in school or in sports. In fact, nutritionists agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The body relies on the morning meal to replenish levels of glycogen in the liver, and for fuel to sustain us through the early party of the day.

Yet despite its goodness, many adults and teenagers choose to skip breakfast, falsely believing that this will reduce their calorie and total food intake. Instead, without breakfast the body's metabolism remains low for the remainder of the day and this results in an overall loss of energy. Then before you know it, your body may even resort to self preservation by 'eating' the body's store of protein. This is bad as protein is much needed for the good health of our cells.

The better way to start your day would be with a sandwich made from the Adventist Bakery's range of Sprouted Breads. Weight for weight, the abundance of nutrients in a sprout surpasses that of meat and dairy - it's the best way of getting the nutrients you need, minus the bad cholesterol.