Adventist Sprouted Breads

Sprouting increases the levels of live enzymes, phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins between 10 to 200 times more than ordinary wholemeal bread. This nutritional quality provides effective and consistent health benefits.

"Sprouted Bread has been manufactured by the Adventist Bakery for more than a decade."

This "bottle of supplements packed in a slice of bread" is a natural source of essential proteins, dietary fibres, minerals and vitamins. By using the finest and specially selected grains, seeds and legumes imported from overseas, Adventist Bakery Sprouted Bread provides a wholesome meal that helps boost energy, alertness and improve health. Thus, you are getting much more than you thought from your slice of Adventist Bread. (Sprouted Bread Brochure)

Begin your journey of healthy eating with Adventist Bakery's 7-grains Sprouted Bread and 3-seeds Sprouted Bread and notice the difference. They are available at selected stores all over West Malaysia.

These nutrition-rich and fibre-packed sprouted breads will physiologically help to maintain healthy blood sugar and blood cholesterol. It also promotes healthy growth in developing children (aged 1 or older) and provides lasting energy to everybody, preventing overeating and excessive weight gain.

Storage Suggestion:

  • Keeps fresh in the freezer for 3 months.
  • Refrigerate immediately for longer lasting freshness.

7-grains Sprouted Bread


The 7-grains sprouted bread contains sprouted millets, sprouted corn, sprouted oats, sprouted rye, sprouted soy, sprouted lentil, honey, molasses and corn oil.  (Flour Free, Bromide Free, No Artificial Flavour, Egg Free, Shortening Free)

3-seeds Sprouted Bread


The ingredients in the 3-seeds sprouted bread are sprouted wheat, flaxseed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, honey, molasses and corn oil.  (Flour Free, Bromide Free, No Artificial Flavour, Egg Free, Shortening Free)

Fruit Loaf


Sprouted wheat with dainty pieces of dried fruits and raisins.

Sweet Baby


Cute baby bread bursting with sprouted wheat, raisins and topped with cinnamon sugar.

Sprouted Rolls

6 in 1 packet